Sunday, November 23, 2008

Siapa sangka?

Minda manusia selalu berputar ligat memikirkan masalah. Hingga masalah yang difikir tidak mampu lagi dihuraikan secara lisan. Hanya mampu dengan tingkah laku. Siapa sangka, minda yang kecil itu, telah mengurai satu kebenaran. Itu pasti tidak disangka. Al Maklum minda manusia. MINDA MANUSIA!

Baru-baru ini, buruk saja dihambur ke dia. Penuh kontroversi. Penuh Kepopularan! Cabaran tempias meluah kepadanya. Biar kayaannya melimpah ruah tetap sahaja dia porak peranda. Dia banyak dibicara di media. Siapa-siapa pun di dunia ini kenal dia. Siapa sangka? Dia memeluk ISLAM. bukan dipaksa...bukan kerana dihina..bukan...bukan...bukan..tapi kerana HIDAYAH telah menyapa dia. Siapa sangka? Beliau telah diuji pelbagai perkara, ada yang difitnah...ada yang sampai keluar movie menghina beliau. Atas kesabaran itulah, ALLAH telah memberi kebaikan kepadanya.
Surah Al Baqarah (ayat 286) "Allah tidak akan membebani hambaNya melainkan dengan kemampuannya.."

micheal jackson...


Kisah Brother Jacko ini mengingatkan saya dengan satu kisah sejarah yang sama. Kisahnya bukan mengenai seorang artis tapi mengenai seorang pejuang hak asasi Kulit Hitam. Iaitu Malcom X

boleh dapatkan infonya di sini

LONDON, Nov 21 - Michael Jackson has become a Muslim - and changed his name to Mikaeel. The skint superstar, 50, donned Islamic garb to pledge allegiance to the Quran in a ceremony at a pal’s mansion in Los Angeles. Jacko sat on the floor wearing a tiny hat after an imam was summoned to officiate - days before the singer is due to appear at London’s High Court where he is being sued by an Arab sheikh.
A source told last night how Jacko, brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness, decided to convert as he used a studio at the home of his chum to record a new album. The star - whose hits include “The Way You Make Me Feel” - was spotted looking “a bit down” by a producer and a songwriter who had both embraced Islam.
The source said: “They began talking to him about their beliefs, and how they thought they had become better people after they converted. Michael soon began warming to the idea. “An imam was summoned from the mosque and Michael went through the shahada, which is the Muslim declaration of belief.” Mikaeel is the name of one of Allah’s angels.
“Jacko rejected an alternative name, Mustafa - meaning ‘the chosen one’”. British singer Yousef Islam, 60 - who was called Cat Stevens until he famously converted - turned up to help Jacko celebrate. It was his pals David Wharnsby - a Canadian songwriter - and producer Phillip Bubal who counselled Jacko.
The pair’s new names are Dawud Wharnsby Ali and Idris Phillips. Jacko now prays to Mecca after the ceremony at the Hollywood Hills home of Toto keyboard player Steve Porcaro, 51, who composed music on the singer’s Thriller album.Jacko, who rarely ventures out without a mask, is due to give evidence on Monday in a £4.7million (RM25 million) lawsuit brought by Prince Abdulla Al-Khalif of Bahrain.
The sheikh claims he bankrolled the singer’s lavish lifestyle in exchange for an exclusive recording contract. The billionaire sent songs for him to record but claims he was blanked. He told the court yesterday: “Many times he confirmed to me he would pay me back.” - The Sun
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