Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why you should do it?


People always say that “to carry out a mission, always with a vision”. So, when you are doing small particular thing, it should always be with a vision. Not to carry out a mission without any motive. Or else, you are just preparing yourself to fail in the destiny.
Pretending that you have work to complete on and it must be perfect, and this particular thing must be completed with a short duration given. What should you do? What can you do? Or…How can you manage it? All these parameters are just need to elaborate on, and add on something on it. Try to figure it what you can do. How u can do. Why you should do?
Why you should do?
This question is related with the first phrase that I have mention just now. It has some deep meaning inside it. Even though, it is just a simple question. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover.
People around the world always trying to figure out, why they’re should do this and that, even it is not compulsory or evens it is compulsory for them. When they get to know the answer, they will try to do it with “determination”.
So, how pull out oneself determination? The answer is...”WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT?”
In Islam, there’s a hadith from Imam Bukhari and Muslim, “ All the Ibadah must be with Niah”
Niah is just like a vision and Ibadah it is just like a mission to carry out. Niah is your intention towards something. Ibadah is ritual. So, Islam itself has shown you all the answer towards the determination. Even, you make any research about this feeling or this behavior. Islam has discovered this a long time ago, in the ancient day. The faith is, you have to figure out what is the purpose to do this? What is the advantage that you gain from doing this? Think deeply. Do not think just by the surface. Or else, you will suffer the lack currency and so on. You will get the negative result and by then, you are unlucky.
So, this moment, please…be sure to think critically. Avoid to just getting out of the matter by run away. Try to face it. Relate it with the question. Try to monolog towards yourself, “WHY SHOULD I DO THIS?”
Try to figure out the main purpose to do the thing. Be patient and hold your breath. InsyaALLAH, you can do it.

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