Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4 years passed

4 years have passed

4 years have passed...
Leaving behind memories and tears and a few other things that I really have to review for the betterment of the future.
I have been here for while; to think ahead for the future is something we can't really understand sometimes. I have grown to realise that the future is full of uncertainties. Just imagine part of life is an ease. It's not really been captured in the past yet not recorded as well. Because there’s still the future to look forward to.
But, there’s one thing that we have to understand. The future is totally unpredictable, hence the importance of planning; and yet, personally I do feel that planning is definitely not an easy task. Nevertheless, there is a crucial need for us to plan, so that we can overcome any possibilities or any predicted or non-predicted circumstances. Obstacles in the future are indeed very common but the condition might differ depending on individuals. It’s classified into different stages and paths. I salute those people who can face it with proper attitude; I hope I will be one of those inshaAllah (God willing). Unfortunately, some may lose their grip and break down. It’s pure nature (Sunnatullah). The optimistic, those who are lucky enough to see the world as “glass half-full” will look at the obstacles as challenges to mature our thinking and behaviour.
4 years passed as an observant,
The culture of people around us has definitely changed; and I do think that the global migration is part of the cause. A mixture of philosophy. A flood of books and mass-communication. Blending into the society. From bad to good. From high technology to the most basic needs. It’s a big migration, huge transformation!

4 years have passed as a student,

I’ve also noticed that the environment of the higher learning institution has changed as well. Numerous ideology absorbed in and surpassed the council. Whether the ideology has enhanced the capability or destruct the fundamental of knowledge, it’s all being captured and published by the media. In this era, the mass media definitely play a MAJOR role in all the changes around us.
So, can I say that the 4 years that had passed was just a dream?

4 years ahead after the general constitution. It’s really something that we should have a better look into. It’s definitely not about what’s past is past. We look back at the past and learn from it. Change from it. It’s more about stability and sustainability of Malaysia as a country. Meaningful and peaceful. Yet, we have to understand, that, a big part of change actually comes from small individuals like us. We play an undeniably important role in these changes; it’s just that we haven’t realised how "big" and important and life-changing our contribution is. Don't give yourself a headache and start comparing indexes and statistics or nominal value to justify your contributions. Because at the end of the day, all these numbers mean nothing. It’s those individuals who are brave enough to make a change, who actually cared enough to cast a vote in next General Election; those small individuals will actually make a huge impact towards the desirable change.
4 year that have passed is a change.

The 4 years ahead of us will also need a change. So, what do we hope for? Change towards betterment?
If you want to see the change, if you want to be part of the hundreds of thousands of people who dare make a change, please, do register yourself as a voter. Go to nearest Post Office and SPR office for verification and registration. Play your role as the Malaysia citizen. Malaysia needs our vote to change. Malaysia needs us!

Good Luck Malaysia!

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